Updating SmartByte

Some users have reported problems attributed to SmartByte which can be resolved by updating the application to the latest version. You can follow these steps to update your SmartByte installation:

  1. Download the latest version of SmartByte Drivers and Services and save it or move it to a folder where you will remember its location.
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    • Uninstall any current versions of SmartByte by doing the following:
      1. Right-click Start
      2. Click Apps and Features
      3. In the Apps and Features menu, find any instance of “SmartByte,” click it, and click Uninstall
    • Restart your machine by clicking Start > Power > Restart
    • Once your machine has rebooted, run the SmartByte Drivers and Services installer.
    • When completed, the SmartByte Drivers and Services installer should forward you to the Windows Store to download the latest version of the SmartByte user interface. If it does not, click here for the interface download.

    After following these steps, you should have the latest version of SmartByte installed.

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